August 21st 2018

August 21st -Tuesday, 

No posts for the past three weeks, but believe me we have been busy  –  the plan was to clear out the store ‘Media room’, use up all the plasterboard that was hanging around, order what was required to finish off, get the room usable, decorate the guest bedroom, finish the laundry. At the same time, we have spent endless hours trying to find a solution to the ‘Plot Problem’.

While Robert has been preparing the media room for its makeover, I was up in the roof sorting and tidying. We’had a trip to Leroy Merlin and managed to get all that we need on one delivery which came today. 


We noticed this guy on the first side window, he was there for a few days and then moved up four windows to this one. They evidently like bramble leaves, Oak leaves amongst others, we left him some but he didn’t eat them before he went on his way. Hope he/she’s OK.  This is also the time that the male spiders come prowling for a Mrs. I watched a big guy in the bathroom, he went around all the plasterboard cracks and eventually disappeared. Turned up the next day in the guest toilet sink…… looking for water. The belief used to be that they came out of the plug hole – not true, they are looking for water. I took him up to the roof space and sent him off – happy hunting. You can recognise the male spider at this time of the year by what looks like boxing gloves on the front short legs. He was obviously a ‘heavyweight’  LOL



First, it was a bedroom


…. with all the mod-cons of a bedroom



But, for the past ten months…….


this room has been the store-room….

… the tool room and the work-room

The question is – where will Robert have a ‘corner’ once this becomes the Media Room?

This will make a wonderful media room, it is well insulated and very quiet. Good for music, reading or watching the TV with no interference from outside noise and no noise outside from within.

The guest bedroom – batons are up, ready for the ceiling, carpet coming, wallpaper – done and dusted 


Laundry – plasterboard to finish off, a few more cupboards, floor and wall, slap on some paint – tick it off the list.


Now we can get buzzing, delivery has arrived from Leroy Merlin


Corners won’t look too good on the ceiling!

Over the next month, there is a lot on the calendar, cladding to finish on the east side, guest bedroom, laundry and media room to complete, a small area of the kitchen to paint or/and wallpaper,   two lots of  ‘sleepover’ visitors coming, and a wedding to attend. My Ships clock has just run six bells  (19:00hrs) and we have downed tools for the day – off for some dinner….. more later

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