MARCH up to the 15th –


Amazing!  I see that the Blog started in March 2017 –  what a lot of work has been done since then!

March came in like a Lion!  The weather was very cold and we even had a dusting of snow.

Kerry, our electrician was feeding wiring down the walls for switches and plugs.


Janice and Robert waiting below to catch it and pull it out.

 Feeding finished – now the sockets and switches have to be attached

 During this week Robert had a frustrating time putting in the ‘Loft ladder’.  The frame of the one we bought was

just a ‘little’ too large and had to be honed down and adjusted to fit the space.


TUESDAY – MARCH 6th 2018

I went to SuperU today to do some shopping. While waiting at the fish counter, I observed a large crab trying his best to escape out of one of the tanks. Poor thing would get to the top, climbing sideways, nearly get to the top and slide back in again. He/she did manage eventually to get a claw over the top and hung on, but that was as far as it could go. I don’t know what came over me, but I felt so sorry for that guy/gal I felt I just had to help. There followed an interesting conversation with the man behind the counter who didn’t speak English. “Combien ce Crab.” I ask how much is ‘that’ crab? He goes to get another one…. No No that one… pointing…. He takes it out of the water and weighs it …. €11.35 “OK Pour moi s’il vous plait”. Then I thought I better make sure that the crab will live for a few hours, but didn’t know the French for ‘will it live’… “Je voudrais que le crabe retourne à lamer. Je vais l’acheter, l’emmener à la mer et dire au revoir” (I would like for the Crab to go back to the sea. I will buy him, take him to the sea and say goodbye) I say to him with all the actions accompanying. He didn’t understand. I turn around and there is a guy packing shelves….. “Monsieur parle Anglais?” ….. “No”. In the distance, I see another man wheeling a big stock trolly – waved to him, in chorus the three of us call to him…..”Monsieur parle Anglais?” He shouts back ” A little,” and walks over to us. I explain that I want to buy the crab to set it free, but will it be OK? Will it live until I get it to the sea? He explains and the counterman agrees that there is no problem….. looking at me with a smile in his eye. He got two bags, poured some of the water from the tank into the bag and gently put the crab into the bag, Stuck the price ticket on the outside and handed it to me. He said to the ‘translator’ in French… “In all my years in a fish department, this is the first time someone wants to buy a crab to put it back in the sea!” LOL Robert was quite surprised when I got home and showed him what I had bought – what was I going to do with it??!!!! I told him, we will go to the bay and put it in the sea. And that is what we did.

Saving the Crab – The Video


Two weeks ago Friday, we were in Carrefour (Like a WalMart only better) I was browsing in the garden dept and looked at a very nice Olive tree – very big considering it was in a store and not a garden centre.  I was amazed to see that the price was only €69. When I met up with Robert who had gone off to look at other ‘stuff’ – I showed him the tree and we agreed – too good a deal to walk away from.  We bought it! It only ‘JUST’ fitted into the car, seats down, front seats pulled forward and the tree at an angle across the back. The tub is at least 26 inches across and VERY heavy. Loooooooooooooooong story short  –  as of today, we have now bought 6 trees and have 2 lovely big ones waiting to be picked up, one that is covered with black olives!  Of course, each tree has meant another 2-hour drive there and back as we can only fit one tree in the car at a time.  Instant garden and they have made a big difference. By the way, we stopped at the best Garden Centre I know and priced their Olive trees – one that is close to the size of ours had a price tag on for €329.00. Small young trees with six-inch trunk circumference sell for €30 – I remember buying a tree like that when we lived in Le Quiou, 8 years later when we left, that tree was still less than half the size of what we are now buying for €69! Unbelievable. 


Can you believe it?  €69 ! 


Here we are arriving home with the wood for the living room/kitchen ceiling. 46 packs 

 We didn’t realise when we bought it that this painted wood is

Ecological panelling,  paint is based on vegetable oil, healthy for man and nature
solvent free and no evidence of heavy metals in the formulation. 

Must be good then!!!

This will be going up on the ceiling on Monday 19th March


This week,  we ordered the kitchen, the wood for the kitchen floor, wood for the living room floor and wood for the ceiling (kitchen/living room) and the ‘cladding + accessories’.  The TV for the media room – Oh what a bargain we got there on a Samsung – along with a ‘GUN’ – that is a ‘nail-gun’ of course for the ceiling and cladding.

We picked up the ceiling wood ourselves as the rest of the order, including the kitchen won’t be delivered until the first week of April. Saul is coming over at that time, we will put up the scaffolding and start cladding the front and east side of the building……………. It has been a busy couple of weeks,  to say the least.

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