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Dynamic Trading Bars


indicatorThis is Robert’s site, for many years, he has worked on the most amazing software for Day Traders. Strategies and Indicators etc. He also helped to make trading charts more transparent by introducing colors. Some of the comments of people who use his colorcodedtrading are priceless: ” I used to be left on the station, looking at the train as it left! Now I use color codes and I am on the train every time!” Or “It used to be like sitting in the audience looking at the curtained stage, trying to imagine what was going on behind the curtain. Now with the color codes, it is as if someone has opened the curtains and I can see exactly what is happening!”  But time moves on so quickly, there are always new techniques coming on and, of course, the economy presses everyone. If you are interested in Day Trading, do get in touch with Robert, his details are on his web site of email thru o2bbizzy.


30610_1318262925_76_30610 is a very talented artist from Ireland. Be sure to have a look at his bio to read about his adventure when he  joined the Transglobe Expedition, led by Sir Ranulph Fiennes. This three-year expedition successfully achieved the first circumnavigation of the globe on land, sea and ice via North and South poles along the Greenwich Meridian and changed his life forever.


banner_index_1  A very brave lady who has already cycled and kayaked more than 11,000 miles from London to Choshi, Japan and is  currently rowing solo across the North Pacific Ocean from Japan to  Canada. See her videos of her scary solo row across the Indian Ocean, with waves as high as 4 story buildings, capsizing her little boat and near drowning. Guts, that’s what this gal has! She actually set out from Japan in 2012 and after a couple of weeks at sea, was virtually shipwrecked, had to be rescued after 72 hours in a terrible storm.  She spent a few months recovering, got a new craft and set out again. Her site is very interesting with daily blogs, phone casts, and map of her progress. January 2016 update

January 2016 update – Sarah has completed her RTW and is now writing the book and speaking about her experiences.

logo This is free Radio on the Internet. You can listen to all kinds of genres. My favorite is to click on Talk where one will find News, Comedy, Blog and other ‘talk’ choices from all over the world. Watch out for Alex Jones. Sounds a bit of a nutter but having listened to his take on current news, for the past several years, I realize that much of what he has said has actually proven to be true. But I have to admit I don’t listen to him much now, because I find his broadcasts too disturbing, considering they are probably true. No, I move on to the next ‘click’ – to a sort of fantasyland……. OLD TIME RADIO. This is a myriad of old time USA and UK broadcasts from the 1940s on. Gunsmoke, Dragnet, The Goon Show, Hancock’s Half Hour, Sci Fi and even movies with my old heart throb Alan Ladd!  This is well worth checking out.



If you want a good laugh ‘Car Talk’ is a good one to listen to.

The two brothers who put out this radio show are a hoot.

People ring in with problems concerning their car, husband or wife’s driving habits, and various related items.



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What a neat way to send family and friends a message or a greeting cards.


photo.jpg – The Official Movie – This is a fascinating movie explaining how the world that we live in is controlled by a small nucleus of people. We have all heard this before but do we understand how it is done or who is doing it? This ‘movie’ reveals all and I think it is presented very well – it is over two hours long – so if you can’t spare two hours – it is worth watching it in two parts. Here is the link: –

H A A R P 

images   Ever heard of H A R P? I hadn’t until recently. .  H A A R P = High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program –   The link will explain how our weather patterns are being controlled.  It has been going for years!!!   How come I am only finding out about it now?!!!

Conspiracy Theories.  

World_Trade_Center,_New_York_City_-_aerial_view_(March_2001) Many You Tube conspiracy videos on 911  – James Brolin was involved with one ( that set out dozens of specific points, backed up with video footage, interviews and documentation that ‘seemed’ very convincing, but funnily enough this seems to have been ‘removed’ – at least when I search for the site it advises that this site is ‘Forbidden’ …………….. huh?!!! Here’s one that is still showing  Clues Everyone Missed   and others on the same You Tube page.       Then I came on this one, only published in February 2013!!!!  Might be ‘removed’ or ‘forbidden’ soon – I see it has only  a five digit view number as against the millions of views on earlier videos. Interest is waning?  911 Conspiracy    Incredible!!!!  This also has some very impressive facts to substantiate the theory …

TED     Ideas worth spreading*


  Have you met ‘Ted’?   This web site, simply is full of the most intriguing talks by professional people.

The speakers address hundreds of people in an audience, about their chosen field. You can chose from topics, top 100 or most popular etc, you are sure to find something here to interest you.

The big trick is to try to get away after you get hooked!  TED  – Well worth checking out.

Paul Pantone

On another topic altogether – have a look at this situation.n


 Paul Pantone came up with this invention and was subsequently treated abominably and jailed    

 Here is the history on Wikipedia …..  Paul’s Wiki History   Next I find a follow up interview with him in 2012 – he doesn’t seem to be like a ‘nutty professor’, comes across very normal


 I really only like little wee dogs but I have looked at these videos dozens of time and they give me such pleasure.

Best_of_Skidboot_DVDMany years ago Robert and I watched a pet program on TV in Florida – on came this dog called ‘Skidboot’ – well he blew us away.

Here are some links – but really, if you put ‘Skidboot’ in to Google or You Tube – you will enjoy any of the many videos about this dog.  Skidboot 1 and   Skidboot 2

HilariousTwo Dogs Eating in a Restaurant



This is absolutely priceless –   This one has had over 19,000,000 views!!! (and most of them could be mine!!)



I recently heard a re-run of a radio program about Cholesterol. 

David Diamond  is evidently very good on this subject – you may find it interesting – especially if having any problems on that line……   

There is also a YouTube video Diamond/Cholesterol



I do love my desserts! But last year I saw a TV program about what ‘sweet’ does to the brain!  It was amazing. They put a volunteer in to a CT Scanner and gave him some orange juice to drink. Within seconds bright red spots came up on his brain! Maybe this is good – gives us a boost? Long term though, eating a lot of ‘sweet’ tasting food is not good – Aspartame – Poison!!! Yet it was approved by the FDA of USA  – Aaaahhhh yes – but it makes lots of money, doesn’t it!   Everything in moderation …. right??? We all have cancer cells in our bodies, that is not to say we ‘WILL’ get cancer. BUT cancer cells grow and are stimulated by acidity and sweetness. Good subject to know about.

Hilarious II 


-This video was sent to me a short while ago – it originates from – there are variations on You Tube of course but I think that this one is the funniest…………….. ‘Voice Recognition Lift – Eleven

 ‘Bob the Cat’ 


 If you like cats you really have to look at the story about James Bowen

James was a drug addict, living on the streets. Bob came along, a little the worse for wear and James took care of him for a couple of days.

When Bob was OK again, James took him back to where he had found him and sent him on his way. But he wouldn’t go and has stayed with James ever since.

He sits on James’s jacket when he is busking in the street, James says that Bob thinks he is human. He is a beauty!