February 4th 2018

4th FEBRUARY 2018

My goodness, it is so long since I made a post I have to keep looking back to see how I did it before!  To bring you up to date, let me put your mind at rest, you have not missed ‘January’.  Much has happened with the Cherry’s but not much has happened on the renovation scene. Shortly after the last post in December, we headed south to Les Essieintes in Aquitaine. It is approximately a seven-hour drive. We ‘house-sat’ a beautiful B&B property for an extraordinary couple, Jo and Colin Selby – “Maison des Quatre Saisons” while they went to the UK for a month. Unfortunately for us, they took their little dachshund Lili with them. If you, family or friend, feel like a break, you will not find better.

A few days after our return from Aquitaine, Robert had a dental appointment and unfortunately, someone came in from the rainy day outside and neglected to dry himself off in the lobby, and when Robert was called from the waiting room and proceeded to walk across the reception area, didn’t see the water on the floor and went flying, bashing his head on a chair as he went down. So, he has had a few weeks of recuperation from the shock and pain in his back, hips and neck. X-ray shows no breaks, so, that is good news.

Well, now we are up to the 4th February – Robert is finishing off the front wall, batons, insulation, more batons, another layer of insulation, studwork and finally the plasterboard.

Batons with the first layer of insulation


First layer of insulation and baton being fixed

Completed – Studwork (oh so hard on the hands), and then the plasterboard

By Tuesday this wall will be completed and ready for the plumber. This is his final visit, last bit of plumbing to be done. We have three main projects on the ASAP list. Kitchen installed, cladding on the front wall, conservatory and possibly a fourth project will be to get the carport slab down. It would be good to drive the car in on that side of the house and come in through the laundry door.


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