JUNE 5th 2018

Monday 5th June

Robert is on a roll! Got the walls of the living room papered. This is a very nice textured white paper put on the plasterboard. The seams of the plasterboard have been filled and sanded and then the paper is applied to the walls.  When dry, the paper can be painted or papered over. We have chosen ‘Barley White’ as the colour – mainly because we happened to have two large tins already, but it looks perfect. We may at some time in the near future, put the patterned paper on one wall or perhaps on the window walls, or paint some section a contrasting colour. For the present time, at least it is no longer ‘raw’.

Nearly finished the papering the walls.

Those seams disappear when painted

Wall has to be sealed first. Then the paper glue is applied, and then the paper.

Just another couple of strips. 

After the walls are painted, see the 20 boxes of floor wood to go down – to be completed before the end of the week.

THEN, we can assemble the TV!!!


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