JULY 1st, 2018

1st July, 2018

BACK     SOOOOOOOOOON.  😀 Weather is so nice I gotta be out there!  We make a point to stop work around 5pm or 6pm and head to the beach with our red picnic bag, filled with goodies for our evening meal. We settle ourselves into comfortable home made hollows in the sand dune and enjoy every evening. We moved into 23 Rue de Kerivet this day last year.

Temp bedroom in what is now the storeroom and will be the media room



That was then – but here we are now – down the beach – 4 minutes drive and hardly anyone else there but ourselves…………………..

The sunsets are amazing – and it doesn’t go dark as soon as the sun goes down, as it does in Florida. We have at least thirty minutes following the sunset with the most glorious colours in the sky, changing from minute to minute.


Amazing as it may sound, this couple come and visit with us every evening. They wait for a few crusts of bread and are never disappointed. The walk bout and actually chat with each other. They never fight over the food, as most gulls do, but take it in turns to retrieve. If other gulls attempt to land in their ‘space’ they take-off and fly beneath the would be ‘invader’ until they give up. We watch them swooping and diving and they have never failed to entertain us



Sometimes there are a few fishermen.

The ‘Painted Pony’ rider.



Beach ‘Stone Art’


Robert relaxing – taken from under the ‘stone art’

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