September – First Week

So, here we are, already into September! So much has been achieved in the past ten weeks since we bought this property, 90% of the work being down to Robert himself.  He is such a diligent and conscientious worker, I am so lucky to have him in my life.

Guest bedroom is now ready for our first guest – arriving on the 7th September

(Wall covering only temporary to cover the plasterboard)


Robert forging ahead – only today, he fixed some stud wall and then the plaster board, batons and the door.


Even as I post this, Robert has moved further along, erecting another piece of plaster board to the left of the concrete pillar.

This is our sitting/dining room with bathroom plaster board providing a nice shelf for some ornaments

2nd September – Saturday

Robert gave himself a target on Friday 1st Sept …… to have completed the wall, dividing the bedrooms, bathrooms and laundry from the rest of the house.  So, here we are on:- 

4th September – Monday

Robert on his knees mixing the floor tile cement for the job in hand – tiling of the laundry room floor. Yesterday, everything had to be moved ….. again,  for this job to be completed. 

Nearly half way across the room  – tough job for one who will not take shortcuts. Each tile coated with cement, also the floor and then the tile fixed and separators placed.  I tried to get him to slather the cement over the floor or at least a portion of it, same onto several tiles, and then bang the tiles into place….. so, if one is not quite right (ahem 😉   🤓  ) I would just place a mat or small rug over it. This suggestion of shoddy workmanship, or should I say workwomanship did not go down well at all….. at all.

It will be no surprise to see that the target was reached by Sunday morning – The WALL is completed

Not long and flat but with indents too. First door on left will lead into the master bath room and walk-in wardrobe area

Middle door leads into the Laundry and as you can see the one on the right is the guest bedroom.

There>>>>>>  is the man of the moment, completing the second ‘third’ of tiling before we have dinner break.  Task will be completed this evening. 

2 thoughts on “September – First Week

  • September 3, 2017 at 10:57

    For the 1st time I see a glimpse of your heating/cooling under the window of the guest bdrm? if so, is ea room individually controlled? Just curious,why is the hot water tank raised up off the floor? Both of you are a marvel!!Glad to see this site up and running.Love you both.H

  • September 4, 2017 at 17:12

    Many thanks, Helaine. The heater in the bedroom is small but adequate for that room. It is individual to that room and has its own controls. The electric shutters all have ‘trickle ventilation’ which allows air into the room when the shutter is up or down. The ‘ballon’, can be put up in a roof space, hung on a wall or placed in that cradle as you see we have it. Robert has also supported it on the wall – there is absolutely no point in taking any chances with having it ‘fall over’! We intend to enclose it in its own cupboard space and the gap between the right-hand side of the cupboard and the wall will be handy for long handled items or maybe we will just have some hangers to hang coats on in that space. You are the first person to make a comment on the site, so, you get the golden star and your prize will be sent out as soon as the fairies have time.

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