APRIL up to the 6th – 2018

APRIL up to the 6th 2018

The past month has been very busy, so much so, I haven’t had a chance to catch up and keep the blog up to date. I also celebrated a birthday just over a week ago and received a wonderful surprise. Somebody from my past came to visit – I don’t know who he or she was but we were given a positive indication that they were present. Robert took about six photos of me on the day – my dear sister sent me a lovely blouse and I wanted to send her the photo so that she could see what it look like on. 

These two photographs were taken immediately after each other – but do you notice that there is something more in the one below to the left of my head?

If you can manage to zoom in you can get a good look at the orb and see that this is not one of those white blob circles that one gets in bounce back when the flash activates.

It is similar to this one below – with the dotted ring around the outside and a pretty design in the middle – just like the one in my photo.  I wonder who it was.


Here are some pics of what the room looks like as of the end of March – check back to a date in May or June of last year and see how it used to be!






We had some good sunny and warm days and took advantage by going for walks on the beach. We found this ‘Peeque’ – isn’t it just perfect!

What is a ‘Peeque’ do I hear you ask.  Well, when my grand nephew was a little kiddie, he used to keep asking for a ‘Peeque’ and we didn’t know what it was. After a while, we were in the garden and he had a bit of wood in his hand,  playing about and every now and again he would point the piece or wood at something and say, “Peeeequuuu”, “Peeeequuuuu” and we then realised that it was supposed to be a gun

Robert also found this lovely stone with the white heart embedded in it – I found the little green heart made of stone too

 On the last post in March, we had just arrived home with the wood for the ceiling – with the aid of the nail gun with which Robert shot in over 3,000 nails and must have made at least 3,000 taps with the hammer to secure each plank, we managed to get the full ceiling finished  – very hard going for Robert who did all of the work with arms  overhead, whilst I was the ‘runner’, ‘holder’ and supplier of whatever was needed next. We are very pleased with the end result and so much cleaner than plastering and painting – looks great! 

Nearly finished – just a few more boards to go


The hatch into the loft stairs – this will be neatly concealed with a trap door of ceiling wood 

We have 8 ceiling boards measured to fit into this space to hide the roof hatch…. ……. …….  later….



Ceiling all done and the floor prepared for the Kitchen and Living room wood flooring to arrive ….. and the Kitchen




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