November 16th

I have to mention the storms that we have had through September and many windy and rainy days in October too. I had to tie down the polytunnel inside or it would have blown away! 

I am happy to say that the wildflowers seemed to get better and better – such a joy to see them all waving in the wind. Also, we have had the same all the way along the dividing fence from the road to the house.

We are going to plant tall grasses such as in the following photos, on our boundaries. They grow quickly, tall and thick, don’t require maintenance, other than either trimming or cutting down in the Fall or Spring. We had them in our last garden and were so ‘big’ we had to cut them back during the season. They are ‘grass’ and grow like ‘grass’.

During storm ‘Ophelia’ we had the same eerie golden/bronze light that so many other countries around the world experienced

Inside the polytunnel, inside supports tied to the ladders to keep it on the ground.

The orange sun of the storm.

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