Acid or Alkaline ????

An acid body is a sickness magnet!

 We really need to try to keep our pH balanced.

Just because a food is acid it doesn’t mean that we shouldn’t eat it, always think balance and moderation. 

No one ever told me the reason why we should drink lots of water every day. I assumed that it is to hydrate our bodies. But the main reason is to oxygenate our blood.  pH strips or Litmus papers can be bought at the Pharmacy,  Chemist or Medical Supply store. With these one can measure their own pH (saliva or urine) and also measure the pH of the water they are drinking.  If your body is balanced there will be less need to do diets etc. The important thing is not to have excess acid ….

Someone sent this item to me last week and I think it hits the nail on the head…………………….

 Breakthrough stem cell research: Creating embryonic stem cells without using embryos : LIFE : Tech Times 

 Did you  read  how they made the new pluripotent stem cells in the article??????

They Introduced regular cells to the following to STRESS them into producing pluripotent stem cells  … 1)  LOW OXYGEN ENVIRONMENT & 2)  ACID ENVIRONMENT
These are the two conditions that CAUSE CANCER TO THRIVE.
Is it just me or does this now explain why cancer can grow so fast and take over in such a short amount of time?
The Two Conditions that Cause Cancer to Thrive ALSO Causes a body to produce massive numbers of new Stem Cells in the Cancer’s Presence.