NOVEMBER 2017- to the 16th Day!

16th November 2017


I am sorry blog-followers I have not been keeping you up to date with what is going on here, it has been cold here and my keyboard has been on a little table in the ‘big room’ and not very conducive to the activation of my little fingers!!  Hard to type when the appendages of my hands are numb.

So, here we are on Thursday evening the 16th of November – FIVE weeks before Christmas! I love Christmas, the lights, the trees, all the little figures of angels, cribs, and snow falling. But here at 23 Kerivet, it is looking a long way from Christmas! Up to now, I have tried to section off areas to be like ‘home’, I hung some colored paper over the cement blocks and covered the ‘stacked’ windows at the end of the room. Now all is revealed. We are gearing up to cut the last six windows in starting the week of the 27th November. In the meantime, I will post here a few photos of the latest changes.  There are not many, most of the changes have been ‘finishers’, like completing the plasterboard on the bedroom ceiling and back wall, after the electrician had completed his work. Another ‘finisher’ was to fill in the gap all the way around the ‘Living Room’ area with plasterboard. To fit the drawers under the basins in the bathrooms, the top drawers had to be ‘cut’ around the waste pipes from the basins.


Of course, before we get into November, I should tidy off October with a little news about Hallowe’en – we had such fun. I couldn’t find my long black ‘Halloween dress up dress’ so I just blackened my eyes and donned my Julia Hogsworth Brown wig… we had a skeleton coming up out of the ground out front and a laughing skeleton  that cackled everytime someone walked by. Lots of goodies the the ‘trick or treaters’ of whom we had some nice visits from the neighborhood.


Friends came over and neighbors called in too – we all enjoyed some wine and snack, Halloween music and good jokes

Wouldn’t be complete without a little video from Cheekiweeki  ‘HALLOWEEN”


The living room ceiling finally closed in.

Everything on the east wall of this room, now moved to the west wall.

Most of these boxes have come from the ‘secure lock up’ where they were stored. I have about five more carloads to pack into this room! 

My admin/computer station – about to be moved

Ready to go!

Now, nicely set up in the guest bedroom. Cosy and quiet and warm……. 

This is the latest and best addition  – the walk-in clothes closet.  Completely finished, painted and with carpet and check out (below) the molding so perfectly placed.

What a treat to be able to walk in, see and choose what I am going to wear, instead of falling over boxes and trying to get at clothes that are on a rail in the back room with all the tools!!!

The nice bright paper has been stripped away and measuring for the windows has begun.

There will be two big windows in this wall space – one where the little window is and another on the near or far side of it. 

The ladder, by the way, is now our only way of getting up into the roof. We will, of course,  eventually have a hatch with a pull-down ladder.

Robert preparing to drill through the wall to connect the plumbing for the kitchen.

Robert’s work-station now moved out of the guest room …….

Robert at his ‘work’ station in the bedroom – temporary of course……….