November 26th 2017

Monday – 26th November 2017


‘D’ day has arrived – and it was a beautiful morning as I headed off to Leroy Merlin to collect the concrete cutter.  Even though I could not help but stop on the way, to take some photos and a short video, I still arrived before the main doors opened at 9 am. However, it was 09:35 before I was ‘looked after’ and turned back for home. SO frustrating! What could have taken 10 minutes seemed to go on and on with staff members seemingly taking ages to do very little – I was only the second customer on the ‘rental’ counter – but anyway, sure isn’t it the laid back way of life of this country that we love, and why we are living here.


And…… of course there is a video……..   ‘Sunrise over Port a la Duc’

Hard to even see Saul in the dust – over there on the other side of the ladder



Everywhere out there is coated in concrete dust – but never mind, rain is on the way  😕


Now for an update……………..

I am sure you are all wondering whatever happened to ‘FourLegs’ ?  

It was very nice having little FourLegs hanging out down by the bathroom door. Never found out if it was a male or female. It slept most of the day inside its little nest and then in the evening it could be seen half-in and half-out – hence the name FourLegs. In the beginning, when it sensed our approach it dived undercover, but after a few weeks, it didn’t bother.  Sadly, (?) last week, it disappeared. So, if it was male, maybe it got ‘the urge’ and went off in search of a male, as I understand they do, but usually, those males outdoors, come in looking for the gals. Or….. possibly there wasn’t enough food or it got too cold and it went off to nest somewhere else. Funny though, I do miss seeing the little creature. It does solve the problem of closing up the hole when it comes to fixing the skirting board. 

  29th November – Wednesday

The weather has not been as bad as expected  – Monday was terrible with lots of heavy showers while Saul was cutting in the windows from the outside. Tuesday he and Robert got the first two windows installed and today they are working on the next two.  Here is a little video as an example of what each day this week, has been like for us – very cold, dusty and noisy!!!      Three and Four windows of six





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