August – Second Week

This was a difficult week for Robert. I don’t know how he has the heart to face some of the jobs. Such as, when he had to put up the supports for the beams in the main area of the house. Fifty metal pockets with four screws in each one, to be drilled into cement. Each support to be sixty centimeters from the last one. Too much measuring, overhead drilling and up/down ladders for me!  So, this week Robert was again up and down ladders, this time he was knocking anchor clips in between the concrete breeze blocks of the ceiling to support the plaster board ceiling. Also, allowing access for any wiring to pass through.  Much forward planning required once again.


The metal anchor clip

Hammered between the breeze blocks

Then a metal suspension hangar is attached

A metal bracket/rail will hang from the ‘suspension’ bracket, to which will be attached the plaster board.

As can be seen here the stud wall metal bracket is in place. Robert will next fix batons to attach the plaster board.

Ready now for the plasterboard!

There is a marvelous piece of equipment that one can buy or rent, that raises plasterboard to the ceiling for easy fixing. We used said machine for the living room area. Unfortunately, the guy we got it from was away on holidays, so, I had to drive all the way to St. Malo, to rent one from a rental outfit. We had very limited space and the machine was more bulky than the first one. Pal Peter came to give a hand, for which we were most appreciative. 

IN the shower!


I recorded a video of one panel going into place in the bathroom  – it is absolutely priceless and reflects the difficulty of working like this in such a confined place – also the importance of correctly measuring the space to be filled!

“Fixing the Plaster Board for the Bathroom Ceiling” 



After returning the plasterboard elevator, Robert and I put the last sheet of plasterboard up in the toilet.

The only equipment we needed were the steps, a hat and a broom.

Robert climbed the steps with the plasterboard resting on his back, I was holding the end, when he was on the top step I slung the head of the broom underneath and pushed the plasterboard up into the space, at which time Robert transferred the plasterboard to his head…… hence the need of the hat.  Fitted perfectly of course (the plasterboard and the hat), Robert attached it with the aid of screws and his drill.