DIETS and what I think of them!!


PS….. I wrote this before I started taking Laminine! Therefore some of my thinking has changed – Now that I take Laminine every day, I don’t have the cravings for …….. anything! It used to be imperative that I have lots of packets of biscuits/cookies in the cupboard to be sure that I had the desired type of biscuit when having a cup of tea. I also had to have numerous bars of a variety of chocolate, M & Ms, toffees etc. now I can walk past them in the supermarket and not buy any at all – quite a saving on the food budget.  I don’t crave for ice cream now either.  I do still enjoy eating a cookie with my tea or having chocolate or toffees or ice cream – but now I have it on my own terms, when I want to eat it, not when my body sends me ‘craving’ messages that drive me mad until I give in to them and then feel guilty because I have been so weak!  You can see all the information about Lamine under the ‘tab’ for ‘HEALTH’


  Diets – Diets – Diets!!!! Who needs em? Yes we need to keep our bodies fed and fit but I think that ‘DIETS’ are no good for us at all. If we had a dog and that dog loved to eat chocolate, he would wolf down bar after bar of lovely goey chocolate that we would give him, and enjoy every mouthful. BUT we know that chocolate is very bad for dogs and can actually kill them. Therefore we don’t give our dogs any chocolate. So why is it that we, as the keepers and person responsible for our own bodies, see fit to abuse ourselves by pumping in all kinds of stuff that is not good for us and even possibly ………. ultimately … kill us! I have digressed a little from the main subject of ‘DIET’ – I think the best way is to take most things in moderation. Personally I find it difficult in cold weather not to eat more than I should, I want to get in to the chocolate, the hot buttered toast with lovely toppings including melted cheese, café latté, mashed potatoes with lots of butter, etc. This spells ‘w e i g h t’ and ‘f a t’ ! The best way I have found is to cut down on calories, this is the only way to lose those unwanted pounds. The trick is to lose it in the right places, one doesn’t need to lose muscle mass, so one needs to eat protein, but also carbs to keep the body functioning…. of course alcohol has to be included in the calorie count – and then of course there’s ….….. exercise! Not good to go hell for leather on the exercise machines, I feel that a good steady walk that gets the heart rate beating, for 60 minutes every two days is an excellent way to keep fit – NO!  Not 30 minutes every day, 60 minutes every second day! All very well for these people who go to the gym three times a week and have wonderful bodies, but what happens when they stop. Also, I wonder about the wear and tear on their joints. When we are young we don’t think about this, we are in the moment. Now I am in my 60s I can see how playing a huge amount of competitive badminton has done to my right shoulder. Never thought about it at the time! You see the other thing about weight,  is carrying the darned stuff around with us every day. What does this do to our poor hips, knees and ankles? Never mind the strain on the heart and other organs.  The feeling is quite incredible to lose even a small amount like three kilos and go to your larder and put in a bag, three kilos of potatoes, or canned food. Carry that about with you for a little while, and just ‘think’ this was attached to you before!  

I hear and read that Pilates is excellent for one’s well being and for the body. I have tried it and liked it – think it is time to do some more.


5 Foods you must not eat:

Cut down a bit of stomach fat every day by never eating these 5 foods.

This is so simple – tells you what to eat and why and what to avoid and why –

Only 5 simple things to remember – if you want to lose weight – and it makes sens!