Think outside the BOX

I have a neat little Internet thingy – it is called a ‘Chumby’ – it connects to thousands of apps, displays my photographs if I wish, just like one of those electronic ‘photo frames’. It would also be able to ‘connect’ to my friends and show them all of that ‘stuff’ that everyone, these days, seem to exchange, on the train, on the tube, on the bus, (what a lot of commas!!!) and probably even in the toilet! But all I use my Chumby for is to listen to the Radio. I tune in through Shoutcast Radio. Type in the theme of Radio Station that I want to listen to and it throws up 20 or 30 different ones.

For a while I listened to News – current News. After a few weeks I realized that this was actually making me feel depressed. The majority of ‘news’ is usually bad stuff. So, I changed over and spent a few months listening to ‘Olde Time Radio’ – this is very stress free – choosing either comedy or more serious genre. These 30 or 60 minute programs are yonks old – and I am talking ‘yonks’!!! First played on 1957 or even earlier – British or USA comedy shows like Hancock’s Half Hour etc. Detective series like ‘Dragnet’ or Sherlock Holmes even some movies are broadcast like ‘Shane’ with my old movie heart throb Alan Ladd and Casablanca. Great listens. After a while I change again and now I am listening to channels like Sceptre Radio, Paranormal and UFO etc. with Art Bell, who actually retired in 2007 so the shows are years old but timeless – there are also many hosted by others that are current. I find that this kind of listening is ‘out of the box’ – it stretches my mind and makes my brain think about different worlds, experiences, ideas, to that of what we (‘I’) have been brought up to accept as ‘is’. Supposedly over millions of years we have evolved from grubs in the sea through to apes, and so on in to ‘humans’  – but I often wonder, if this is the case, how come there are still so many apes about – how have they not become humans too? I heard another interesting thing the other day, about UFO’s – evidently ‘they’ are all on the dark side of the Moon! These ‘other world’ beings that we call ET, visit and live amongst us on earth and evidently the pre-  landing and take off stage for earth is over the other side of the Moon – which is never seen from where we are! Would you believe it ? 

We read information that is pumped out to us on the TV, Internet and Newspapers etc. and most people believe it, but there are growing numbers of people who are now starting to ask questions and look beyond what is supposed to be the obvious.

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