December 1st 2017

December 1st 2017 – Friday

Robert and I can hardly believe it! It is as if we have now got a new house. When I come out of the bedroom or the laundry and see the windows and the garden outside, it comes as a surprise every time! What a difference it has made, and of course, we knew it would, but all the same, the reality comes as such a surprise.  Robert and Saul worked so hard all week, and it was hard hard, because the weather suddenly turned very cold, we had big holes in the walls, so there was no chance of keeping the house warm. Work started at 08:30 in the morning – break for lunch and after the window crunching finished at about 4:30, Robert then kept going until around 6 pm fixing in the installed windows, finishing off and preparing the area for the next two windows to go in on the following day…………. so, it was a gruelling and testing week. 

But, we survived! Here we are on Friday the 1st of December, looking back a year, we were 80% packed up to move from Le Quiou to a rental house with all our worldlies heading for a ‘lock-up’.  Who would have known at that time, that we would buy a ‘hangar’ or ‘artisan warehouse’ to turn into our little nest…. LOL 

This morning we were up bright and ‘late’, HOW do people get up at 6 and 7 am on these cold wintery mornings? Thank goodness for retirement! Anyway, on to the rest of today, Robert headed to the back room to finish off the windows and start insulating the walls preparing them for what has to come next. I set about tidying up outside and cleaning the windows, and floors etc. All the tools had to be returned to the back room, I could now put up our little table again, placed at a window where we can see out to the garden.  All is calm and more civilised now. 


Don’t worry, the ‘polytunnel’ is not staying there – I will move it one of these days

The green garden bag is a temporary cover for the gas bottle for our interior fire.

!!!!!!!*****************    Before………   ****************!!!!!!!

This room started out as our bedroom – now it is the workroom, but eventually, it will be the media room.

A room to watch TV, listen to music, the radio or read. 

This will be the view from the kitchen, the little table won’t be there and the big table will be at right angles to how it is now.

The black TV look-alike on the wall is the gas fire. Surprisingly, throws out enough heat to warm even this size of a room.

!!!!!!! ***************   Before……… ***************** !!!!!!!


Here is a video, have to start using the camcorder as the little camera is too ‘shaky’ – “Windows Installed”


Lots still to do! Garden needs to be sorted out again. Birds are feeding like crazy, mostly Blue-tits, finches, a robin, a wren and a couple of doves. Unlike Le Quiou, where we had more sparrows than anything else, entertaining and comedians. Hardly any sparrows here – I wonder is that because of the magpies!

Most important job tomorrow, get over to the ‘lock-up’ and clear out the last of our belongings. Pictures mostly, and our big hall mirror from Le Quiou, along with a few other incidentals. Then we will have all of our own ‘stuff’ under our own roof.

To finish off this post – here is a little video to show how quick our ‘man’ worked on the windows   …………… Fast Worker


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