MAY 6th 2018

3rd & 4th May (Thursday & Friday) 

The weather changed after the heatwave that we had whilst doing the cladding. This was a good opportunity to get on with some more indoor work – the kitchen took more shape and there are always lots of small unseen ‘finishing’ jobs that need to be done, not to mention, more trips to LeRoy Merlin, last time was to talk to the manager about the rough quality of the cladding material. So many boards were unusable, unfinished, notches, grooves and splits. Thankfully, there was no argument and we received four new packs – gratis. As it turned out, by the time we finished the job, many more boards were discarded than in the four packs that we received.

Robert fixing the sink into the worktop.

Required a contortionist….

Thank goodness for the old pillows – to save the back and the knees.


Well, the kitchen is coming on well and we have another bit of good weather, so, it is back to cladding.

3rd & 4th  May – Thursday & Friday

Great news –  Saul advised that he could return earlier than expected to finish off the cladding on the front of the house.

Good weather forecast for the coming week – a bit cooler which is better for us too.

Saul and Robert make a great team. Saul, up the ladder measuring, 

and measuring again….

Treble check……

Write down the calculation…..

Robert finds a good board…

Double checks for flaws….


Marks the angle


Cuts it out…..

Back up to Saul who nails it on….

Now comes the time to put in the round window…


In it goes…..

Not as easy as it looks. Standing on ladders for hours on end is very hard on the feet and legs, never mind trying to haul this window up as well.  

Robert and Saul took a few minutes to securely attach the window but now it is a part of the building. Robert is going to paint the inside ‘blue’

and to finish off with a plastic frame and some sealer – don’t want any bugs getting trapped inside. 

See the video “Fixing the Round Window onto the ‘Hangar’

WE DID IT!!!!!!!

Robert deserved a day off after that!

This was a huge job – not at all straightforward.  Think we will paint the other end of the building instead of cladding it…… 

Coming up………..  Kitchen finished and some landscaping around the front of the house (I can’t bear seeing that blue pipe), FOUR ton of gravel coming on the 14th May. I wonder who is going to spread that?!!!!!  Decking will be put on top, not too wide, just enough for a couple of chairs and some nice pot plants.  

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  • May 9, 2018 at 05:20

    This will look great in a week or two when the side is clad as well. For now, the weather has turned cool again, time to finish off the kitchen….

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