After Work – To the Beach

Week of 19th April 2018

The beach known as Grèves d’en Bas Beach is four minutes drive from our house. We can hardly believe that we have come to live where we are so close to such lovely beaches and this one, in particular, that is the closest.  We are entertained most evenings by a crowd of surfers who arrive at around 6 pm, just as the waves are starting to swell – many are very talented, some are learning and quite a few are there for the fun of riding their body boards.  Today we became very aware of the number and spread of rocks throughout the area where much of the surfing is done. It looks very dangerous because, even at high tide, if a surfer is thrown off a wave, he/she could be killed if dashed against these rocks. When the weather is fine, we head over to the beach, bring a picnic, sit for a while, have a walk, it is totally energising and invigorating.

The surfers’ playground!

Beaches are rarely crowded.


I took both of these photos of the sun on the sea – through the lens of my sunglasses.

Our sand dune backdrop and nothing but blue sky.


Grèves d’en Bas – Surfers 

Grèves d’en Bas – Evening of 19th April


And of course, if you would like to see more videos there are more on YouTube on my channel ‘Cheekiweeki’ 

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