About Us

Centre of the Universe? Where is that exactly?  Well I think it is the very centre of what is important to you. It is the Who, the Where and the Why that is the pivot of your life and your reason for being, and for getting up in the morning. Well, I dedicate this web site to my Darling husband Robert….. for he is certainly the Centre of MY Universe. I was just saying to him today, as we were out for a walk in the country side around where we now live. I said to him, “Y’know it is amazing how well we get on! We spend about 99% of every day in each other’s company, we never get on each other’s nerves, we never wish the ‘other’ would go away for a few hours and leave us alone. I wonder how many people there are in the world like that?” I know there is a downside to that, it will be a terrible day when one of us does leave, but that’s for later!

We are just ordinary hard working folk.  We love to have fun and that is why I started up this web site………… I hope others will enjoy it too and have fun participating in some of the content. We get a kick out of helping people, saving and helping animals and our feathered friends. There are so many issues that concern us it is hard to decide where to start, but one thing is important and that is to be happy,  because happy people are usually infectious, and we can do with lots more Happy people. Happy people are usually more social and get more done.  We also believe in Fairies and Guiding Spirits or Angels.  Everyone has a ‘Guiding Spirit’ but not everyone communicates with their Guide. They tell me that they don’t know how to!!!  The answer to that is …….. just like human beings, you talk to them. Just becasue you cannot see them doesn’t matter. The more you talk to them the more confidence you will gain that your Guide is actually with you. Today I went to a busy shopping area, I drove round and couldn’t get a decent parking place. I asked my Guide to get me a place, and within seconds I see a car pulling out, right by the entrance doors! All kinds of things happen when I ask my Guide. Most important is to also remember to say ‘Thank you’……….

As for ‘me’ –  I am a lady who is truly blessed. My life partner Robert,  is classy, sophisticated, creative, patient, sensitive, industrious, talented in every possible way, welcoming, capable, accomplished, honest, hard working, generous, lovely, punctual, attractive, enjoyable, loving, well read, well traveled, well educated, curious, honorable, astute, competent, adaptable, trustworthy, kind, self confident, intelligent, decisive, has incredible common sense, and is beautiful. He even laughs at my jokes! What a man! 🙂

I have turned off the ‘comment’ box, I found I was spending so much time editing the posts, but if you have any thing to remark on you are welcome to email me at pbcherry@gmail.com