September – Second Week

September – Second Week

First job, as soon as the visitors left was to move everything from the ‘will be master bedroom’ to the ‘will be kitchen’. This was a major sort out.

All the tools and screws, plugs and gizmos, drills, hammers, and pounders.

I did a little wallpaper hanging too, who wants to look at all those grey blocks!

All that was left was the ironing board – but not for long. The tiles and electric material moved into the centre of the room.

Checking out the insulation we discovered this big fellow. We have named him ‘Aragog’ after the big spider in ‘Harry Potter’.  Not wanting to disturb him we folded the insulation back carefully and left him to his own devices.  I came across this interesting video ……….  

Chris Packman about the Giant House Spider 


Below, you will see the master bathroom taking shape. The door from the bedroom is in place. The area to the right will be the walk-in clothes closet.   The door at the far end on the right, is actually the door from the living area into the ‘will be Laundry’ (now ‘kitchen).

Below is the same as the photo above – just a different angle. There will, of course, be a wall far end, this side of that door by the yellow baton …. 

A peek at the ‘now’  kitchen


Yes, that is our new table! Makes a great working surface, now that the pile of plasterboard is gone!

Looking ‘through’ the wall of the en-suite bathroom into the master bedroom.

There’s that nifty kitchen again! It will make a fine laundry, come storeroom.

There is no other storage in the house! This room will have to be well fitted out!


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