FEBRUARY 24th 2018

February 24th, 2018  Saturday

Nearly finished the east wall – plasterboarding in the next day or so. 

Last week!


First batons and insulation fixed – even this layer makes a difference to the warmth inside

Ready for next batons and top layer of insulation

Last of the batons going up – and then the top layer of insulation.

(He is so quick! I didn’t get a chance to take the pics with the second layer of insulation on!)

Second layer of insulation on and the studwork completed

Window sills done.

With the Siberian weather on the way we have beautiful sunsets every evening this week


 This is what happens when one ‘nicks’ the back of their hand on the metal floor studwork!  Blood spurting!  Bandages, the pressure applied, time,  patience, a spray of antiseptic,  all wrapped up and pinned with a saafety pin,  and good to go.

Right on schedule!  Plasterboard is done, other than final tidying up after the electrician has done his bit.


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