October 2018 to February 2019

It is hard to believe that the last entry was September 2018. So long ago and with updates to ‘WordPress’ I can hardly figure out how to add on new posts, everything has changed!

Robert and I have been busy, we never seem to stop, there’s always something that needs to be done. Over the winter we have decorated inside, Robert has put up more insulation and prepared areas for finishing. There have been numerous trips to LeRoy Merlin. I know photos are more interesting than reading lots of text so I will upload the photos and if you have any questions let me know by email, contact or comment at the bottom of the page.

Let’s start with what happened in mid October…………

One cold wet dark night late in October we welcomed six drenched and starving kittens. I don’t know how the mother got them to our door because they came from over a high fence. Long story (and it was a four-month long story) we made a little house for them in the garden, they were fed every day and played together. We trapped them one by one, took them to the local vet and had them neutered, this was followed by two to three weeks or less of socialising and re-homing. It was an entertaining, frustrating, worrying, rewarding and heartwarming experience. All were re-homed except the last one who for some reason, was never offered a home, so he stays here with us. ‘Minky’ re-united with his Mum now called ‘Mumsie’, after being kept indoors for over seven weeks and only seeing her out through the window, sharing window sills, Minky inside and Mum outside. We didn’t know how they would react together and we didn’t know if Minky would just revert to being an outside cat again. We had trapped Mum and had her neutered too. The last thing we needed was to be presented with another six kittens! It has all worked out fine and you can see videos on my channel ‘Cheekiweeki’ of updates.