July 17th 2018

July 1st to  17th, 2018

The great weather has us back to work on the outside of the house. Robert started putting up the cladding and has now succeeded in getting it within five rows of the roof.  Unfortunately. due to so many of the boards being substandard, we have run out of cladding and the next delivery is not until the first week of August. In the meantime, he will finish off around the windows and with rain in the forecast, we will continue inside, tiling the kitchen. 

What a fabulous job Robert has done here – every board ‘spirit-level’ perfect and every join in a perfect line.

Many rejected boards

Unsatisfactory faults, cracks, holes, unsanded, etc.


East side of the house gets sun most of the day…. resulting in one burnt back and two burnt legs…..

So, I had a brainwave and made Robert a “Sun Protector Reflector”…. using a three-layer piece of insulation. I cut up an old shirt, used only the neck and short sleeves and four-inch strip down each side. Stuck the insulation to the sides and top of back. Brilliant, but as someone remarked, “All he needed was basting, and he was ready to be roasted!”  Best intentions and all that – but didn’t last more than a few minutes in the sun.  LOL LOL LOL


The best solution was to wait for the late afternoon shade.

Last board slotting in…… till delivery on 7th August

What a difference that makes!

Mess all cleared up.

Next job will be to start the conservatory

Looks good now but when it rains that sand will be mud 

We brought some vine cuttings back from Aquitaine last January. Robert started them off in water alone for about 2 months until they started sprouting leaves, then planted them into boxes to grow. 

 They  are doing so well and now they need climbing wire, so, we have moved them from the patio to the front of the house

Maybe we will have grapes in November???   

This is the view from the kitchen window – you can see that when the plot is sold, we will still have plenty of space.

(Retaining the driveway to the left)


4 thoughts on “July 17th 2018

  • July 31, 2018 at 19:11

    Like the idea of the vines and when the wire is strung across it will make a lovely foliage wall.
    Place is looking great with the cladding. Having a
    conservatory will be such a luxury too.

  • August 6, 2018 at 15:14

    Looks amazing. I hope you are both well. Love Rob and Dee xxx

  • August 10, 2018 at 13:11

    Thank you for looking in Rob and for your comment – today 10th August – just about to get the rest of the cladding wood to finish the east wall –

  • August 10, 2018 at 13:14

    Thanks for visiting and commenting Gay. The vines are there temporarily, in order to get as much sun as possible – but we may leave them there – depends on the size of the plot when sold. Just about to get the rest of the wood for cladding and finish that job – application for the conservatory has gone in, so, that is underway – it will make a big difference in the winter.

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