31st May 2018 – Exterior

After the cladding was completed, the weather turned cool and cloudy again. Not for long though, just enough time for us to catch up inside the house.  But first of all, Robert climbed the ladder outside and painted the inside of the round window a nice shade of ‘blue’.  The round window does look a little small up there, but had it been any larger it would have been too heavy to have installed without some mechanical assistance, instead, we are looking for a nice decoration to add to the front of the house in the space between the top window and those below. Has anyone got any good ideas?


As you can see, we ordered four ton of gravel which was delivered a few weeks ago.  Our very good and generous pal Brian came and helped me to spread it around the front. What a relief it was for me, when he offered to come over. I wasn’t feeling too chipper at the time and I was not looking forward to the exertion of raking all that gravel. As it was, Brian arrived shortly after 9 am and ‘we’ (90% Brian) had it all smoothed out by 10:30!! THANK YOU Brian!  The next few days were spent sorting out the plant pots. We also decided to move our entrance point from the ‘front’ (on the right) door to the other side – the Laundry Door. This will be our normal route once we have the car-port in place. So, as Robert was fitting the kitchen I thought we may as well avoid as much traffic through there as possible.  I wheelbarrowed gravel, spread it over some ground membrane and made a pathway around where the car parks. This will ensure a dry area for us to get in and out of the car until such time as we are ready to lay the slab for the car-port. It will also be convenient to remove the gravel on the membrane to be used elsewhere.

Two new additions to the garden – Japanese ‘Hakuro-Nishiki’ Dappled Willows, also known as the ‘Flamingo Tree’  Very pretty with dappled pink blossom.





Aiming to put another couple of panels and a door back there to the left. This will act as a shelter from the breeze.


The Olive trees are doing very well and I think they look splendid with their necklace of Begonias – eventually, when the digger is back to lay the water pipes, we will have the trees planted in the ground. When the plot is sold the water supply will have to be passed onto the buyers as it is not permissible to have our water passing through their land. We will, therefore, have a new supply routed from the road to our house via the driveway.

Next job coming up when the weather is better, is to clad this wall – we are all set to go………..




When the plot is sold, this is approximately how much front garden we will have plus the driveway.

The plot will start just at the far side of the tree leaving a very manageable front garden.

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