May 31st – Interior

31st May 2018 – Interior.

Robert has been working SO hard – I really don’t know how he does it. Yes, we do take breaks but in between, he is amazing how he just keeps slogging away.  Breaks are necessary apart from the obvious reason it is also important that the repetitive strain that affects Robert’s hands from continual squeezing on the nailgun, drill, hammer, saw or whatever tool he is using for the present job. Up and down the steps, knees when working on the floor etc.  I continually suggest excuses to tempt him away from work, on a regular basis….. usually there is something to be collected from LeRoy Merlin and I wouldn’t want to be going over there on my own now…….. would I?! 

Remember? Back in April, the flat packs came for the kitchen?

Such a pile of boxes, panels, doors, cupboards, the sink…….

Tops, sides, bottoms, inserts, shelves, pull outs, twirly majigs and ones that went in and around the corners!

The sink had to be put together, plumbed in and ‘cut’ into the countertop

 All of that was sorted out – in ONE week – This is what Robert presents as the new kitchen……

 ***** It is absolutely FABULOUS!!!!! *****

In the open cupboards on the right, we will have the Microwave and the Oven

The last cupboard on the right has a large circular double shelf whirly majig.

The second last cupboard on the right has a double shelf pull out organiser.

We love the large drawers – so much easier than cupboards.  First door on the left is the Dishwasher


For my contribution, other than to keep the wheels turning in the background, I have thoroughly enjoyed emptying over 20 container boxes from our storage room, filling out and organising the contents of the kitchen. It is lovely to have a full complement of cutlery and dishes after 17 months of ‘making do’. 

In the corner cupboard (under kettle) is a two-level shelf system that pulls out and pushes into the wall corner to the right.

There will be under cupboard lighting added, tiles under the cupboards and wallpaper painted from the bottom of the cupboards to the ceiling.

Two handy little cupboards at each end of the bar. Stools on their way (14th June)



Now we are operating in a proper kitchen and the ‘Laundry’ is actually a ‘Laundry’ and not a ‘bit of a kitchen’!

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