September – Last Week

September – Last Week 

Robert has been working so hard again this past week – targets to achieve before our electrician comes at the beginning of October to service the other half of the ‘West Wing’. Of course, he met the target with a day to spare. There is so much ‘finishing off’ work to do, cutting small sections of plasterboard to fit into corners or along doors, batons to fix for the ceilings, holes to be made for switches and plugs, supports fixed for mirrors, heaters, cupboard etc.  All of which takes a great deal of time, sticking up a sheet of plasterboard makes such a difference to the room, but what takes the time is all has gone on behind that sheet of plasterboard.

Master bedroom – Awaiting electricity

Back wall of master bedroom – awaiting last few panels of plasterboard.

Master en-suite, plumbing completed, only requires connecting to facilities and electric switches activated.

Viewing from Master Bedroom – this is the entrance to the en-suite and the walk-in closet

Rather than spend €800 to €2000 on a purpose-built clothes hanger/organiser, we decided to build our own.

This space will have ample room to hang clothes at two heights, shelving and drawers for other articles of clothing and shoes.

(Robert has not told me what area ‘he’ has planned for his clothes – so, I’ll let you know about that later.)



The dryer and more storage cupboards to go on the left wall – this room will be the main storage area for everything!


I am so pleased with the wildflowers at the front of the property – they have really come on beautifully.

Too far away to see from here, the wildflowers all the way along the fence dividing our place from next door, has a similar display of flowers.

The colors are radiant and bright


So simple and so pretty



We get many hikers and walkers passing along the front of our property – it is very satisfying to see several people stop to take photographs.

NOW! What is this coming next?

Aaaah – Yes!  The dreaded Moviprep – that powder which when mixed with one litre of water and sent down the gullet, will be the ‘prep’ to ‘move’ whatever gets in its way.  Preparing one’s colon for close inspection.  How I dreaded this day – 29th September. However, I prepared myself well, cut down on food and what I did eat was very easily digested.  Had the procedure Friday afternoon and everything went off perfectly – notabother.

I ordered a polytunnel on Amazon and it arrived within three days.  Robert and I thought that this would be a perfect solution for storage. We cannot decide on a garden shed type building, but winter is coming in and the garden equipment needs to be undercover. This PT is perfect.

I bought a composter  – I hate to waste the vegi peelings and the bits and pieces of food that go ‘off’ or don’t get eaten, now it goes into the compost and at least will be doing some good. Only thing is, when I open the lid, a cloud of little midgy flies come up.  Have you any idea how to stop them?


2 thoughts on “September – Last Week

  • October 3, 2017 at 17:36

    Good to see you finally had the medical check-up and now you can concentrate on “the build” which seems to be progressing as per schedule. Hope this note appears as previously have
    not been able to post to you via this method.

  • October 3, 2017 at 19:24

    Thank you Gay, All is well and work going even better now, with no niggling worries about the results of health checks. Sorry about the tardiness of the admin on this site. Chief bottle washer has been busy with lots of bottles to wash in all departments …… LOL – I will send an email to Head Office to see if this can be rectified – I do hope you will continue to make ‘comments’ and please do not hesitate to let me know if they are not being acknowledged in future.

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