Ouija Boards – Don’t have anything to do with them!

You may think that to play ‘Call up the Spirits’ on a Ouija Board would he a whole lot of fun. Well let me tell you that it most certainly would be the worst day of your life if you were to try one out. I used to ‘mess’ around with home made Ouija Boards. I would have all the letters of the alphabet on little pieces of paper, a YES and a NO. Sometimes we put the alphabet letters upside down so that those with fingers on the glass would not know what was on the papers – only the spirit would be able to spell anything. Then when I was in my early 20s, 3 of my pals and I decided to play Ouija  – put the A to Z letters in a circle on a table – I remember that the table was Formica topped. We had a YES and a NO  and an upturned glass. We each put our little finger tips on the upturned glass bottom. ‘Is there any body there?’ we asked. Nothing happened so we asked again. Still nothing happened. After a few minutes we asked again,’ Is there anyone there?’  Well all of a sudden that glass took off like a Bat out of Hell! Backwards and forwards, screeching across the shiny Formica top – we all accused each other of moving the glass. We each protested and denied that we were. I paid special attention to each little finger that rested on the glass and I could see that they were hardly touching it, and at times even NOT touching at all, and so it soon became apparent that the glass was being moved by another source!  That has to be one of my scariest moments! Ignorant of the danger we were in, we continued!!! We asked who was there…… I even remember his name ‘Roger Mivwick’- he spelled out that he was an immigrant  – we asked how he had died and he said that he had been stabbed in London and no one caught for his murder. At times the glass just flew up and down the table and it was difficult to hold our fingers on it. We girls were thoroughly scared stiff by this time and decided to quit. We took our fingers off and that was the end of that. I was properly rattled and since then have heard mostly that to play with a Ouija Board is a most dangerous thing to do. Very bad spirits are released and do very bad things to people. Go to this link ‘Ouija Boards‘ and read about the horror stories.

I was horrified last Christmas to see a store selling Ouija Boards – unbelievable! I heard a radio program hosted by a very well respected man. He told of having seen the most frightening of Demons released when friends were playing on a Ouija Board