June 30th 2018

June 30th, 2018

This time last year we had only just bought this old building and now look at it! What a huge amount of work has gone into it and it is nearly finished, although there is still a huge amount to do. Over the past few weeks, we have not been galloping but gently trotting through the daily chore of this renovation. The 70s brings its toll of making one mindful that it is slightly different to the 30s, 40s or 50s even though the brain begs to differ.  We have finished off the furnishing of the sitting/living/kitchen area and tidied up outside before Robert commenced putting up batons on the west wall in preparation for cladding. Cladding the front of the building introduced a problem in that the product we chose is not as reliable as we thought. Having mithered over the various choices on offer for months and carried out due diligence, the product we chose is very nice, excellent quality of wood and paint, but unfortunately in every pack of five, there can be one or two pieces that are unsuitable for outdoor use. We quickly discovered some are cracked or have several ‘knot’ holes on edges. Thankfully, LeRoy Merlin has been more than understanding, we furnished them with numerous photos and a Rep from the product company travelled over to us to see how unacceptable the wood is, and agreed to replace all rejected pieces. On the surface, this is all fine and dandy, but it has resulted in Robert having to clad this side of the house himself. It has made the job very stressful. As I mentioned before, there is no room for error. If a damaged piece is fitted, or a mismeasured piece was to be discovered ‘later’ there is no way to correct the error, other than to pull off all of the well nailed on pieces back to the ‘error’. The seams must match all the way up the wall – every piece must be attached and secured. 

Robert found some nice oak and made inside window sills.

We have vertical corner pieces to go on the edges – a job for a rainy day.


Bar stools arrived and the deer found a quiet place to rest.


The tiles and the paint for the kitchen have arrived and that will be another job for a rainy day.



There was not a lot of choice on contoured seating but this one seemed to fit the bill.

Very comfortable and easily seats six – second head-rest not fitted yet.

Summer arrived and work on the east side commenced

Garden is coming on…… I think I see a rose arbor halfway down on the left?

Gravel everywhere can be boring, I am now breaking it up with little points of interest.


The vines Robert brought from Aquitaine are doing very well.

I re-potted two Jasmine and they are so happy they are flowering profusely and filling the air with their beautiful scent.

The hammock has been perked up, ready for the afternoon siesta.

I put some ground cover on the back of the fencing, now it is nice and snug with no wind on the other side.




Robert nearly finished putting up the batons


Forty-five batons and hundreds of screws to be drilled in.

This electric concrete drill weighs about six kilos, I don’t know how Robert hold it up with one hand to drill. 

He’s up that ladder with all his tools, two drills and nails, fixed onto his belt. Only six more batons to go!

2 thoughts on “June 30th 2018

  • July 16, 2018 at 18:00

    Really wonderful transformation into a spacious bright and airy space. Love the new curvaceous couch

    The flourishing greenery happening outside adds a lot to the new building.

  • July 18, 2018 at 13:09

    Thank you Gay, it is starting to feel more like a ‘home’ now and starting to take shape but lots more to do. The couch is very comfortable and easily seats six to chat. The beautiful weather has everything growing like mad – and thankfully is too hot for the grass to grow any more…. till it rains.

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