November 20th…..

Monday, November 20th 


 Today I asked the landscaper to cut the grass. He said he could do it tomorrow. I spent the morning tying back those nice tall pink flowers along the fence to make it easier for him to fly along with his sit-on mower without cutting off any precious plants. I cut down the bunch in the corner as there is not much left in bloom. After saving those that still persevered, I put them in a vase to remind us of the lovely display they gave us through the summer.

Robert has been busy preparing the walls for the windows. This is the room we originally used as our bedroom. Robert has cut out the size of the window and removed the wood and the insulation. Another window space will be prepared to go in on the far wall.

This will be the living come dining room. Hanging on the wall is our gas fire. It is connected through the wall to a bottle of gas. When alight, this fire looks nice, with a flickering flame across the front and believe it or not, warms up this entire area.


About a month ago, Robert had a brainwave (another one!).  We had bought a remote controlled light and had it in the bedroom.  After replacing it with one that we liked better, Robert had the BW to connect the light through the ceiling to a lead that he had in the roof. This lead, with a plug on the end, he then connected to the electricity feed in the roof. Now, with the aid of the remote, we have control of the ceiling lights in the living room.  Just like MAGIC!!! Better than switches, because we can turn them on and off from anywhere in the house. Our Electrician will be back, maybe in December, but for sure in January, to continue connecting us up as required, in the meantime – we have full operation of lights.


Tuesday – I planned to update the blog – but I ended up spending most of the day, moving everything from the left side of this gravel area, over to the right side. Robert was marking out the windows, and although I had not planned to do this move until the end of the week, I could see that it would be easier for him if everything was cleared.  I find it continually frustrating when I plan my day and then find that my whole plan goes out of the window when I find I have to do other tasks……………… but then I guess that is what makes life so ‘interesting’…….. LOL 

When these windows are in, we won’t know ourselves with everything being so light and bright.

Even the poly-tunnel had to move along a few feet.


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