October – First Week

October – First Week


Well, October is here – where has the summer gone to?  We are delighted with the progress and hasn’t Robert done amazingly well! The basics of the ‘west wing’ will be completed in the next few days, we did anticipate moving from the ‘dog kennel’ floor to ceiling wood room bedroom,  into that nice bright and airy front bedroom before next weekend, but why put the poor fellow under any more pressure. However, it is a possibility…………… watch this space!

Wednesday 4th October

21:30 and the bedroom is now finished and ready to move into! Tomorrow, Robert aims to have the ensuite almost finished too. Can’t wait to get out of the ‘dog kennel’ (LOL) the wooden (but cosy) room that we have used as a bedroom for the past three months. The ‘west wing’ (which is half of the house on the west side) is almost finished. The east half is three quarters done, only requiring six full windows to be cut in, stud wall and plasterboard in between the windows. Oooohhh dear, forgot, a minor detail……………………. the kitchen has to be fitted. But we are getting there.  Considering that Robert has done 95% of all the work on his own, I think it is amazing that he has accomplished so much in such a short time!


5th October………………. moving bedroom day!!!

Busy day today – the elevator that we hired for 24 hours to lift the plasterboard sheets for the ceilings had to be returned by 10 am and after that a trip to Lidl and SuperU was necessary. Very rewarding too – I got some very healthy and well grown in English Box Cones x 6 (Similar to these)

Along with these at €7.99 each, Lidl also had a sale on Bird Baths with different themes – at €5 each (!) how could I resist. 

Whilst on the subject of the garden, I have noticed that the Tits and the Finches who are feeding on the ball will only go to the maroon ball holder first and don’t go near the green one until there is virtually nothing left on the maroon one! The same quality balls are in both and they both hang at a similar height.  Yesterday I refilled them but I moved the remaining ones in the green wheel, to the maroon wheel, and after filling both, I hung them up in the tree again. Not one bird on the green wheel, all going for the maroon one again?  I wonder why?

23:31   Can’t believe it! Not sleeping in the kennel tonight. I got everything moved into our ‘real’ bedroom, meanwhile, Robert got started on the en-suite. He had some problems here and there so what should have been a 30-minute task took a couple of hours. However, the heater is up and working, the toilet is fixed and plumbed and flushing and the vanity plus mirror are in but not plumbed till tomorrow.

I have now moved everything that was under the window in the ‘Kitchen’ to the (‘kennel’) which will eventually be the ‘media room’.

I will be moving the clothes to the walk-in closet tomorrow and this room will now become the storeroom.

Well, now it is 23:50 and I’m  off to bed – first night in the real bedroom – can’t wait.  Robert is there already!

As I go into the bathroom (the guest one for tonight) to shower, I try to go quietly by the latest lodger! She has her funnel web just at the bottom of the door jam. She is so funny, she sits there on her porch when she thinks no one is about, but as soon as she realises we are heading in her direction she disappears into her home. Very shy!


2 thoughts on “October – First Week

  • October 8, 2017 at 17:17

    The workaholics are at it again! Does Roberts brain ever shut down or does he map out plans each night while sleeping? Question: what is the timeline to “mud,tape sand and paint”the drywall? Are you going to wait until all of it is put up?

  • November 16, 2017 at 20:21

    Thank you Helaine – and the answer is that Roberts brain shuts down when it hits the pillow! I don’t know how he does it because Is I have a worry, it turns round and round in my head all night. The Timeline ? Well how about I set it out in the next post? I am so behind the line right now…. I can hardly believe it!!!

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