December 2nd to 12th

December 2nd 2017 – Saturday.

Hurray!!! Everything under one roof now, nothing in stored lockups. Feels good, even if the boxes are all piled up in the workroom. 

Happy to have our China Man home again too.

Robert working on finishing off the the walls around the windows, while I have been preparing the Christmas trees to go up.




One tree but fiber optic multi colors of light

9th December – Saturday


We have had the wildest of winds on and off over the past few months, rain too. More than I can ever remember. When we are tucked away in our bedroom we have no idea what is going on outside. However, when I step from the bedroom to the living room, I can hear the howling wind around the house. It has been particularly windy last night and it seemed like the Cap Frehel lighthouse light was turned up a few notches as I could see it clearly, sweeping the sky above the house as I explored in the early hours of the morning. 

Now that we have windows to look out of, I usually walk around and do just that. BUT this morning the sight that confronted me was one I could have done without.

The polytunnel, yes, the one I said I would ‘move one of these days’, was strewn all over the back garden!

As I said, we don’t hear a thing in our bedroom, all this clathering going on out back and we didn’t hear a tinkle!

What a mess -and it is drizzling rain and we have guests coming at 2 pm for dinner! 

Robert to the rescue! He bundled everything into a pile and threw the Polytunnel cover over the lot. Sort it out later.

Birds sunflower seed bottles empty again! There are four bottles and they only last about 4/5 days. I think we are feeding the whole small bird population of Plevenon. Loads of Bluetits, Finches of every type, Wrens, Robins and more…. but no Sparrows. 

Table is prepared – Thai Curry is on the menu with a Prawn/Avocado starter and Robert is making a special ‘Nigella’ dessert.

Trees are sparkling, fire is lit, and we are all set for a nice afternoon of pre-Christmas festivity

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