April 10th to 13th

Tuesday, April 11th,  2018


Kitchen floor is finished

Robert started assembling the kitchen cupboards.  By the way, the ‘breakfast bar’ will be from forefront right, back to just short of the first plasterboard seam. 



We lugged the top layer (above) of 32 boxes for the living room floor into the house. Each one was very heavy (not for himself, of course).

When Robert tested how this floor would fit with the now laid kitchen floor, he found that these boards were quite thick and cumbersome. Cutting one board on each row meant that it would have to be done with the electric saw, outside on trestles.  We also decided to return and exchange the kitchen sink which was white enamel as we wanted – but boy….. was it heavy! Weighed a ton. Off to LRM with the sink and to have a look at alternative flooring for the living room.

We changed the sink and chose different wood for the floor.  We agreed that the new sink will look much better than the white one as it blends better with the worktop. We also sourced some lovely tiles to go along the wall at the back of the worktop.  When we chose the kitchen, we ordered backing which was the same as the worktop, but when it arrived, Robert discovered that it was going to be difficult to cut it out around the windows etc. The material was such that could splinter and spoil if not cut precisely with the correct tool. So, we returned that too….. and now that we have seen the tiles, we are very happy with that decision. We are quite excited about the flooring – LRM just happened to have started a promotion on one that only costs a third of the one we bought!  This wood is quite different, but we love it.  What I didn’t love was having to load the car up with the 32 original boxes,  unload at LRM and immediately load with new 20 boxes – not as many as each board is wider – back home – unload into the house!!!   But I think it will all be worthwhile.  However, I wonder if my neck and back will ever recover!!!!

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  • April 16, 2018 at 21:01

    Looking great – what a lot has been accomplished in such a short time! Well done Robert.

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