How Can we Give Animals a Better Life ?

Only yesterday I was going on about China and how little compassion the Chinese have for animals. Cats and dogs skinned alive for their fur and for body parts, tigers killed for various aphrodisiac bits and pieces and then there are the poor Bile Bears that are kept for decades standing up in a cage connected to the bile collecting equipment!  But what was I forgetting? Similar goes on with our farm animals that are unlucky enough to be born in to Factory Farms! Here in the UK, Ireland, France and the rest of Europe! Supposedly civilized countries filled with people who would no more hurt an animal than they would hurt their own children!  Have a look at this video and see what you believe and do you think we can make it p

ossible? Don’t worry it’s not too graphic but it gets the message across – should be called ‘World Animals’ not ‘Australia Animals’.

None of us enjoy looking at videos like this, maybe we make a decision to do some thing about it, even if it is only when we are shopping,  by choosing product that does not come from ‘factory farming’. Then it slowly evaporates from our mind. There is power in numbers. Please help by doing your bit, and don’t support factory farming.

Now look at this video……………… HAPPY …. HAPPY  little piggies having a good life ….(well sorta!!) ………….  

There are only TWO RSPCA accredited piggeries in Australia – only TWO!!! This is one of them   I can see why this one is not respected by the RSPCA –   the poor mother pig is kept wedged lying down in a pen so that the piglets can suckle – the excuse is that she may trample on the piglets – HUH!!! If she was outside with a bit of room around her she wouldn’t. Yet I guess we are all to blame because we support the industry by buying the bacon.

The happiest pigs I have seen are on the farm in Lincolnshire – unfortunately I cannot find a video but here is the web site