November 20th to 26th

November 26,   2017

By Golly, another week has just flown by!  Where the heck is all the time going to? It has been another busy week but we have managed to fit in some leisure time, walks, visits to the shops and time spent with friends. In fact this afternoon we were invited for Sunday lung roast lamb and we had the most delicious meal with delectable company. Robert has been busy finishing work off in the master ensuite bathroom. It is not priority and only getting attention when there is time to spare.

Robert has put up this dust screen along the living room to contain the dust when three windows are cut in. 

You can probably just about see the handle of the hall door which is beside where the first window will go

A view from the other end

Of course, this was another ‘moving’ experience!

And, here we have the second window in the ‘media room’ marked out and ready for cutting. Polythene sheet to contain the dust showing on the left.

Things are piling up! I went to the secure lock-up on Friday and brought back another carload of containers. Not much left.



Tomorrow is ‘D’ day for the windows. We went to Le Roy Merlin and booked the concrete cutter rental. However, on Wednesday, Robert decided that we should pop over there and make sure that they have reserved the correct machine for us. Last time, if you remember in my blog, I described how I came home (idiot) with a ‘Tile Cutter’ – in my defense I ……… no…. no defense – just stoopid on that day!  So, as it turned out, LRM didn’t have the correct tool reserved for us. We went to their supplier and after getting a printout of the stats, we went back to LRM and had them confirm that the machine on the printout was what they had for us. After a lot of toooooing and froing they gave us a new reservation paper. I will be heading over there at 8 in the morning….. so…. fingers crossed. AND…… wouldn’t you know it!!! After the past two weeks of very nice dry weather – rain is forecast for this week…. starting tomorrow afternoon.  Saul feels happy that he can cut all six windows 99% through tomorrow and then as the week progresses, Robert and he will complete the cut (with our own smaller cutter) and knock out the hole for the windows. Here is an example of what will be going on….. (click)   Concrete Cutter



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