August 2nd

Thursday 2nd August

The problem ‘separating’ the land (that we want to sell), from the total plot+Hangar that we bought.

We didn’t know that we had to have a permit to do this, discovered quite by accident and it was sent off for 23rd May by out Notaire – reply expected within TWO months!  I called into the Notaire (Trottle) and our Mairie Tuesday (24th July) as the time for a ‘reply’ from Dinan Agglomeration was passed. Trottle knew nothing, but when I went into the Mairie the Secretary made a startled face when I said that I had just come from the Notaire and that we were expecting the notice for the past month or more. She pulled out a BIG file and after ‘digging’ halfway through it, looking like she knew exactly what she was looking for,  she pulled out 3 pages stapled together, and that was ‘our reply’ dated the FIFTH of JULY!!!!!!!  We should have been sent a copy as soon as it arrived. The decision is ‘NO’. We are working our way through the problems of this plot of land!  The ‘NO’ means that we cannot transfer or sell the land but we can build a house and sell it. We made an appointment and had another chat with M. Trottle.  She told us that all building land in Plevenon is now zoned agricultural. But we have a permit to build and we understand and were told that the permit is transferable! Now they tell us we can only transfer it with the separation cert that has been denied!!!!   If ‘we’ build the house for Anja we require a Bank Guarantee. So, the next day we had a meeting at the Bank to see what the Bank Guarantee was all about. The lady in the bank didn’t know, so, she rang Trottle and had a chat.  She then advised us that we could build the house for ourselves, but if we built one and sold it on, we would have to have a Bank Guarantee to cover us and Anja (or anyone who buys it) for any eventuality. Basically, if we build it we have to live in it for 10 years … LOL The other thing she told us was that only professional builders and building companies can get a Bank Guarantee. So that idea is out! By this time Anja had left. Then after further discussion with our Architect friend, we learned that under some other regulation concerning outline planning, Anja was going to have to submit her plans before October for her house, to amend the plans that we already put in when we applied for the Building Permit last year.  The question we are trying to get the answer to at the moment is……. ‘Is there any way that Anja can build her house on our land, and when the house is completed and the Geomet has marked out the land that we are going to sell her, that she then buys the land? We would have to have a contract drawn up to cover them and us for various critical eventualities.  BUT Anja is a little ‘particular’ I might even go so far as to say she might be a little Asperger, things have to be exactly as she wants them…….. and we don’t think that it is possible to have an agreement to cover us both whereby, she builds her house on land that we own – I dunno but it seems a line shot for anyone to take on. We are tracking this down at the moment.  We are also asking ‘how it is that they can suddenly zone our land as agricultural when we already have a permit to build on it…….. because evidently, that is the reason that they are not letting us transfer it to Anja to buy.   What a schemozzle.  And of course, the other frustration is that when we try to clarify an idea or question – it usually takes a few days, or even a week or more to get the reply.  No one has heard of this situation before and no one seems to have an answer. However, we don’t need the land, it is a pain in the neck having to cut all of that grass every 4/5 days – OK its a bit of exercise, but I have other things I would rather be doing. 

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